A description of the European slaughterpig populations


ITP – Le Rheu - France

The aim is to improve the recommendations for sampling and modeling when assessing classification methods. In order to be able to take into account all the particular situations it has seemed to be suited to send a questionnaire about the national pig populations.

A questionnaire about pig population and classification has been developed in 2001 and sent out to all EU member states plus most of the possible new member states. On March 2002 ITP has received 14 filled-in questionnaires which 9 come from EU member states and 5 from CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries).

Main informations are as follows :

In conclusion main difficulties for harmonizing classification seem to be : the long time before the adoption of the last definition of % lean, how to manage the sex and genotype factors and how to choose the slaughterhouses.