Statistical Methods in Pig Classification in the EU

Workshop Lelystad, The Netherlands, 22 23 May 2000

Introduction Mrs. Eli Olsen
Needs and perception of the EC Mr.Jukka Niemi 
EUPIGCLASS in perspective of the European Research Programmes Mrs.Dyanne Bennink
Pig carcass classification from a historical point of view including the main problems, we are focusing on today (differences between countries for instance) Dr. Pieter Walstra
Uncertainty in measurements, ISO standards Dr. Poul Thyregod

Linear Regression

  • Sampling (40-20-40 vs. random or  representative sampling  etc.)

  • Outliers

Dr. Thierry Dhorne

Introduction to many prediction variables by examples - automatic equipments  

Mrs. Eli Olsen

Mr. Andreas Dobrowolski

Linear Regression vs. PCR/PLS

  • RMSE vs. RMSEP

  • Prediction in general

Dr. Rolf Sundberg

The Industry takes the floor: Rovi-Tech

Mr. Michel Hauzeur,

The Industry takes the floor: CSB (Extract)

 Dr. Klemens van Betteray


  • Accounting for subpopulations in prediction

  • Comments on sampling and outliers

Dr. Bas Engel

Cost reduction

  • Double Regression

  • Surrogate predictors

  • Comments on sampling and outliers

Dr. David Causeur


  • Why use PLS?

  • Estimation and validation 

  • Sampling and outliers

Dr. Rolf Sundberg

The Industry takes the floor: SFK-Technology

Mr. Svend Aage Jensen

The workshop was organized by the project group of the project Standardisation of pig carcass classification in the EU through improved statistical procedures and new technological developments (acronym: EUPIGCLASS). The project is supported by the EU (5th Framework Programme).

The workshop was held over a period of 2 days from Monday 22 to Tuesday 23 May 2000 at ID-LELYSTAD, Edelhertweg 15, 8200 AB Lelystad, The Netherlands.

Contact person: Dr. Pieter Walstra,

Email: Tel: +31 320 238982 Fax: +31 320 238961